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I have always been in love with interiors. And decorating. And cooking. And, let's face it, just about anything about making that 'perfect nest' for myself and those closest to me, for about as long as I can remember. I guess therefore I really began 'styling' as a teenager.

Somehow the 80's found me manufacturing homewares and fashion jewellry out of Bali, for markets both in Australia and overseas. Those were heady days - the sun, the sea, the patchouli oil! - but ultimately, and thankfully, provided me with a undeniable desire and enthusiasm to bring my understanding of the 'beauty aesthetic' to those around me.

After 12 years I directed my attention to combining all my past leanings into this new aesthetic - styling - and found to my astonishment and delight that this was where my true passion lay. Since then, and now for the past 15 years, I have truly been inspired by the extraordinary versatility and fulfillment this creative expression brings.

The last 7 years has seen me fortunate enough to be invited to travel and work on many high profile accounts in both the US and elsewhere. And in that travel I have found that the world is a much smaller placeĀ  than we might imagine - and boundaries that once may have existed are no longer. We now live in a truly global environment.

We are all fabulous. And we all express that in our own unique and diverse way. Having the courage to be ourselves is perhaps the greatest gift we can be blessed with. And that is what provides me with the inspiration to do what I do - to encourage those around me to be everything they can be - and in the process enhance and inspire those around them. Inspiration that only living life to the full can offer.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have the making of it.




Email:  debmclean@mac.com

USA Agents

West Coast
Zenobia - Los Angeles
Telephone:  +0011 1 (323) 937-1010
Email:  heidi@zenobia.com
Website:  www.zenobia.com

East Coast
Halley Resources - New York
Telephone:  +0011 1 (212) 206-0901
Email:  info@halleyresources.com
Website:  www.halleyresources.com



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